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The company specializes in the sale, short and long-term rental in Cyprus. In particular, villas, apartments, apartments, maisonettes and many other objects.

In our catalog, in our online display, you can view many property objects, both residential and commercial. Also, we are offering a resale property in Cyprus. You will be pleased not only with ultra-modernity, beauty and reliability of projects, but also with prices.

In our work, Grand Property is guided by the principles of European management and maintain to the rule of direct contractual relations with developers in order to provide you with maximum reliability and comfort. High customer confidence and a leading position in the residential and commercial property market in Cyprus - are the hallmarks of Grand Property.


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Grand Property can build any house, apartment or villa on an individual project from trusted developers. In the development of the project, all the requirements and wishes of the client will be taken into consideration. Specialists begin construction of the project only after the approval of the plan. The whole complex of works is carried out in the shortest possible time, while we use advanced technologies and environmentally friendly materials. If you want to buy or build property in Cyprus - Grand Property is the best choice.

Grand Luxury Villa


Total:from 116 to 316 sq.m.


Plot size:180 m2

Type:Closed LCD by the sea

To the sea:700m

How to get a residence permit in Cyprus?

A residence permit its an opportunity to obtain the rights to live in Cyprus. You can apply for a residence permit in half a year, provided that all this time you will be permanently located in the territory of the country. An indefinite residence permit can be obtained subject to foreign income of at least 30,000 euros and the purchase of commercial or residential property in Cyprus of the cost at least 300,000 euros.

On our website catalogue, you will be able to find more than a thousand offers for obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus. Agency specialists will help you choose the best option.

Frequently asked Questions

Advantages of buying property in Cyprus

Cyprus is a member of the European Union since 1, 2004. - stable economy, inexpensive living standards, low crime rates. Simple and inexpensive procedure for buying land or a house, the land is registered as property. Small utility bills and property taxes. Investments in real estate, a guarantee of stable income from its subsequent resale or rental.

Obtaining Permanent Residency by Investing in Property

Since 2009, the program of Golden Visa has been operating in Cyprus. Created to support the economy of the country, this program allows investors to obtain a residence permit. Provided that the value of the purchased property exceeds € 300,000, one can get a permanent lifelong residence permit in the EU. The Cypriot residence permit is granted not only to the owner of the property but also to the family of investors.

What is the cost of renting property and utility bills in Cyprus

By average European standards, renting an apartment in Cyprus costs 800-1,800 euros and renting a house costs 1,000-2,000 euros.

Utilities (electricity, heating, water) for the owner of a one-room apartment cost an average of about 150 euros per month. Electricity costs on average about 80 euros per month. In Cyprus, gas is usually used from gas balloon, which cost 10-20 euros. A full charge of one empty gas balloon costs approximately 10 euros.

Property Transfer Fees

The Property transfer fees are payable in the Land Registry when transferring the Title deeds to the buyer's name. These fees are calculated as follows:

3% on the purchase price up to €85.430

5% on the purchase price from €85.430 to €170.860

8% of the price over € 170.860 

For example: if the price of the property is € 300,000, then for the first € 85.430 the fees will be €2.562 (3%), for the following € 85.430 - €4.271 (5%), for the remaining cost of € 129.140 - €10.331. Totally, the transfer fees will amount to €17.200.

When registering a property on two or more owners, the transfer fees are reduced, since the taxable value for each owner is proportionally less.

What is the benefit of permanent residence in Cyprus for investment

All family members can also get a residence permit.

With permanent residence in Cyprus, you can become a tax resident of the country and not pay taxes on interest income and on profits from the sale of securities.

Entitles you to free medical care under the state program General Healthcare.

After five years, instead of seven years of living in Cyprus, you can apply for citizenship of Cyprus.

It is allowed to conduct business in Cyprus; however, it is forbidden to work for hire.

How to get a mortgage in Cyprus

Foreigners can get a mortgage loan to buy property in Cyprus. There are two main banks that work with mortgage lending: Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank. Typically, the loan is up to 70% of the value of the property. Interest rate - 1.5-3%.

A loan cannot be obtained if the seller does not have a title (Title Deed) when buying a secondary property. Also, the loan is not issued to persons over 60 years of age and must be repaid before the applicant reaches the age of 60. Before obtaining a loan, the applicant is required to insure life.

What are the requirements for an investor to obtain permanent residence in Cyprus?

In order to obtain residence permit in Cyprus, in addition to having an annual income of 30,000 euros and purchasing a property worth at least 300,000 euros, there are a number of other requirements. The investor must be of legal age and have no criminal record. A residence permit cannot be obtained by employees of Cyprus, however, if you are the owner of your own business, there are no restrictions. Also, the investor must have an agreement on health insurance. Please note that a residence permit in Cyprus cannot be obtained by persons subject to EU sanctions.

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