Property Area: Liopetri - Price: ID: G8426

The property is a residential building named as 'Gerasimos Court' in Liopetri. It is located 500m from the community center and 600m from Liopetri primary school. The building consists of 18 apartments. The ground floor consists of two 2 bedroom apartments and one 1 bedroom apartment. The first floor consists of one studio, two 2 bedroom apartments and seven 1 bedroom apartments. The second floor consists of one 1 bedroom apartment, three 2 bedroom apartments and one 3 bedroom apartment. The building is partially occupied and was constructed in 2012. It offers close proximity to all amenities and easy access to the nearby communities. Owner: Gelonia Limited
Country: Cyprus
Area: Liopetri
City: Famagusta
Plot area: 1375 м2
Total views: 91
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